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B2B companies face special challenges in social media marketing: long purchase cycles, a clearly defined target group and the need to communicate sound specialist knowledge.

As a B2B social media agency, we develop customized strategies that combine thought leadership and expertise with storytelling and address your target group at every level of the customer journey.

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B2B social media: Your digital edge

In the digital era, the boundaries between B2B and B2C are more blurred than ever. Decision makers and CEOs are not only active on LinkedIn, but also on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. At EPOS, we understand that B2B social media marketing is not just about having an online presence, but requires a targeted and strategic approach. Our customized solutions put your company in the spotlight, foster targeted business relationships and increase your ROI.

Discover how we use the diversity of social media to take your B2B business to the next level.

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Our services

Social media strategy

We identify key messages and target groups, develop content plans and define KPIs to ensure the greatest possible ROI.

Content Creation & Marketing

Our team creates content that is visually appealing and informs, engages and converts your B2B audience.

Influencer marketing

Our creative energy brings your company to life. Despite the preconception that influencers are only relevant for B2C, we combine user-generated content with B2B influencer marketing to create authentic connections with your specialist target group.

Community Management

We nurture and revitalize your online communities, create genuine relationships with your target audience and focus on authenticity and fast response times. A well-managed audience becomes loyal and engaged fans.

Campaigning & Advertising

We design targeted campaigns for maximum visibility in the B2B sector. With creative concepts and data-driven strategies, we guarantee brand presence and measurable success.

Monitoring & Reporting

Through targeted social listening, we capture conversations and moods of your target group and identify trends. Our detailed reports enable you to adapt your strategy and respond to feedback in a timely manner. With our tools and expertise, we ensure that you are always well informed and can act proactively.

Thought leadership: the power play on social media

Social media is no longer a "nice-to-have". In the dynamic world of B2B social media, thought leadership has established itself as a true game changer. While traditional PR still plays an important role, it alone is no longer enough to be perceived as an industry expert in today's digitalized business world. Deep dives into specialist topics that generate real buzz on social media are essential. They offer a depth and topicality that traditional PR often cannot provide. 

Through the targeted use of thought leadership on social media platforms, you not only position your company as an expert, but also actively influence the discourse, set new standards and interact with your target group in real time. It's a combination of credibility, timeliness and reach. Are you ready to take the next step towards digital expertise and stand out from the competition with genuine professional competence?

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