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Trust and credibility are just as important in B2B business as attention. Communication via experts and multipliers is a crucial building block for this. For the decision-makers you want to reach, the right investment can determine the growth and future of the company. As a B2B PR agency, we ensure that your message is heard and understood - and is convincing.

B2B company in the media

Media presence makes the difference

Successful PR for B2B companies involves many different objectives. We support you in all areas.

Build credibility & trust

Through strategic PR work, B2B companies can build trust with their target audiences. Credible communication, industry expertise and transparent relationships with stakeholders help build trust and improve your company's image.

Increase brand awareness

B2B companies often face the challenge of making their brand known in a highly competitive environment. A targeted PR strategy allows you to increase your company's awareness and visibility by being present in relevant media, positioning through thought leadership and participating in industry-specific events.

Build relationships with media & influencers

Successful PR involves building and maintaining relationships with media and influential figures in the industry. Through media coverage, interviews and guest contributions, you can reach your target groups and place messages in a targeted manner.

Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Companies from the B2B sector are not immune to crises. A well thought-out PR strategy can help limit the damage and protect the company's reputation. Transparent and effective crisis communication is crucial to restore the trust of customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Business Development & Lead Generation

PR can also have a direct impact on business development by helping to generate qualified leads. Good press coverage, visibility in the industry and positioning as a trusted provider can encourage potential customers to contact you and build long-term business relationships.

B2B PR rethought

We do it differently

Our team includes experienced PR professionals who have launched products for international brands and built up CEOs as experts. For us, however, PR is just one building block in communication. We give you an honest assessment of potential and prospects for success - and also turn down projects we don't believe in.

Want to take your media relations to the next level? Then we should talk.

Whether trade media, daily newspapers or business media - we have the right expertise and the contacts to connect your brand with the desired target groups.

Executives are the face of a company. We help CEOs communicate clearly, authentically and effectively to strengthen the corporate image and build trust with stakeholders.


Change is part of business. With our help, the communication of change processes becomes transparent and understandable in order to successfully guide employees, customers and partners through change.


In a fast-paced world, unforeseen challenges can arise. With our targeted issue management, we proactively anticipate and navigate through any communication challenges to protect your reputation.


Every company has its experts. We help make this expertise visible by positioning your specialists as industry leaders and focusing on their expertise.


The digital world offers new PR opportunities. We combine traditional PR with digital strategies to generate resonance on social networks, foster dialogs and expand your online presence.


Every communication should have a purpose. With our strategic approach, we plan and manage your communications in a targeted way to effectively support your business goals.


Communicate without borders: Our expertise in international communications ensures consistent messaging across countries and takes into account cultural nuances to effectively engage your global audiences.

Reach is not everything

B2C brands often use PR to expand their own reach. A good effect - but for B2B companies, the trust advantage often prevails.

B2B PR strategy and implementation

More than a headline

Communication via external multipliers is essential for B2B companies. Decision-makers are involved in complex information and decision-making processes in which you as a supplier must play a role. But above all, B2B brands must succeed in building trust in their own expertise. After all, most investment decisions happen without a final insight into all the details of the buying and usage process. If your company makes it into the media bubble of your target group, you benefit from the trust in your own network. An advantage that other channels cannot offer in this form. Therefore, a well-placed article on the customer journey of your target group is much more than a headline.

Our work as a B2B PR agency in numbers

Highest organic reach

of a PR story that we developed.


Growth in the engagement of a Linkedin CEO page that we manage


which we have accompanied in PR and communication

Media reach

for the launch of a new brand in three months


Increase in a client's stock price after successful crisis communication


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