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Brand Marketing for B2B & Technology Companies

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Brand Marketing for B2B & Technology Companies

We are EPOS. As a B2B communications agency and brand marketing agency, we help companies and technology providers better reach their target groups and generate more response with a targeted approach and compelling messages. 

Learn how brand design and activation support perception and sales even with complex topics.

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B2B marketing can do more

More than awareness

For most B2B companies, brand is equal to brand awareness. Companies targeting consumers invest a lot of effort in creating a positive influence on buying decisions very early in the customer journey. But in the B2B business, the part of persuading the customer is often left to the sales team or the product itself. There are sometimes good reasons behind this approach, but in modern marketing, this technique is often outdated.

Communication to decision makers

Offer guidance in a sea of information

Are you looking for a quick and secret backdoor into the mind of potential buyers? Don't worry, we don't offer shady manipulation techniques. We are reshaping established marketing methods to make them easily applicable for complex B2B offerings.

Brand character and values determine the topics covered by corporate communications and media relations.

The content strategy is aligned with the relevance criteria of the target groups to be addressed by the brand.

Posts, appearance and visuals of the brand are based on the guiding principles defined in the brand process.

Every brand should also answer the question of what it offers and for whom it is suitable. The answers form the basis for convincing sales materials. 

As with content, branding can also help select appropriate and compelling themes for thought leadership campaigns.

Brand ambassadors and influencers occupy topics that effectively communicate the brand and products to the outside world.

Our range of services

Modern marketing must create demand where potential buyers are. It must touch them with the right messages and convince them. In doing so, it must create a consistent experience with just a few touches and differentiate at the same time.

Sounds complex? In many cases it is. That's why our service offering is designed to support you as flexibly as you need it.

The Agency for Innovation & Technology

Our range of services

Modern marketing must create demand where potential buyers are. It must address them with the right messages and convince them. A consistent experience and clear differentiation from the competition are crucial for success.

Sounds complex? In many cases it is. That's why our service offering as a B2B agency is designed to support you as flexibly as you need it.


Reach and activate audiences through tailored and convincing messages.


Digitalize and transform marketing and communications.


Increase and uncover the contribution of marketing to the company success.


Set new impulses, increase the strategic leverage of marketing, and reach long-term objectives.

Set the right goals for the long term and pursue them effectively.

Brand Strategy & Design

Positioning & Messaging

Storybrand conception

Thought Leadership Campaigns

Content strategy

Corporate Communications

Media Relations

Content marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Social media - organic & paid

Email marketing

Key figure development & measurability





Reach & Visibility

Strategic marketing

Market Research & Insights

Target group definition

Analysis & Evaluation

What others say about us

The feedback of our partners is much more important than what we say about us ourselves. 

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As a B2B marketing agency and communications agency, we believe that marketing for companies should be no less interesting and timely than measures aimed at end consumers. Logical, really. But almost 20 years in international agencies with large and small brands have shown us that this insight is not so obvious in lived practice. So we created EPOS to work on this challenge.

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