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For many B2B companies, search engine marketing is an important component of their online marketing. This is because B2B SEO - when implemented correctly - ensures visibility for the right terms that decision-makers use when they are interested in a new solution and investment.

As a B2B SEO agency, we help identify the appropriate keywords, connect them with relevant topics and bring them to life through compelling content. But we also help to manage short-term demand through search engine ads and to back this up with the right landing pages.

Same technology, different needs

The user makes the difference

SEO for B2B companies follows different principles than marketing aimed at end consumers. This is not because of search engines - they rank pages the same and do not judge whether it is a page for consumers or investment decision makers. The real reason is the users themselves, who behave differently and are received differently as a result. In the end, of course, user behavior then also affects the search rating of a page, as algorithms observe this behavior and incorporate it into the rating.

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Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Complex decisions

While offerings for end consumers can satisfy a wide range of needs, content in B2B SEO must be precisely tailored to the specific challenges of a target audience - on a factual as well as an emotional level.

Embedding in digital strategy

At the beginning of their SEO efforts, many B2B companies face the challenge of first having to optimize their digital marketing. Sometimes a marketing transformation has to be initiated in the first place. B2B SEO works best embedded in a digital strategy and content marketing concept - but don't worry, we're happy to help with that too!

Specific keyword requirements

Depending on the particular industry, special keywords are needed to get relevant visitors to a page. These can be specific, technical terms or keywords that indicate a particular position in the customer journey. We help identify and proactively target the appropriate keywords.

Technical complexity of the content

Search engine optimization does not work without the right content. To describe technical topics or complex contexts convincingly, other skills are needed than for the creation of technically convincing SEO texts. We therefore work in hybrid teams of SEO and technical experts to offer you the best content solutions in this area of conflict.

B2B SEO Marketing Requirements

Same and yet different

We know from 20 years of B2B marketing: B2B decision-makers react differently than end consumers.

Do you understand the complexity of the B2B SEO environment? B2B SEO optimization is about more than keywords and backlinks. Unlike consumers, B2B decision makers make purchase decisions on a far more complex basis. They often operate in the context of longer decision cycles, with multiple stakeholders and greater financial consequences. B2B decision makers need detailed, technical information and reliable evidence of the performance of your products or services. They are looking for trusted partners, not just vendors. Our deep understanding of these behavioral differences allows us to develop customized SEO strategies that address the specific needs and expectations of your B2B customers. Let's work together to strengthen your online presence and make your company the preferred partner in your market segment.

Why should you trust us as a B2B SEO agency?

We have more than 20 years of experience in marketing for B2B companies. Through our team composition, we combine content industry expertise in our core industries with a strategic perspective on marketing that has its long-term successes in mind and the necessary SEO know-how.

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