Transformation of a Professional Services brand

Transformation Of A Professional Services Brand

Too many professional services companies rely on the three big Vs: sales, networking, distribution – according to the motto: if the team and management are good in the market, word of successful work will already get around. But decision-makers today start their search for potential partners digitally – so a brand’s online presence is much more important than the merits of a leadership team, no matter how excellent.

Together with the company’s management team, we developed a content marketing strategy that focused on the Zero Moment of Truth – the first moment a potential customer can come into contact with a brand. Through content-based SEO and close collaboration with the international company’s headquarters, we increased the brand’s visibility, especially for high-transaction search terms. When the pandemic led other European offices to adopt a digital strategy, the approach proved a resounding success, with the German team achieving the best SEO position, the greatest digital reach, and the largest share of new business driven by online marketing in 2021.