The robot & the chancellor

The Robot & The Chancellor

For a company from the automation sector, we took on the task of showcasing the table tennis robot, which was already familiar from previous events, at a major industrial trade fair by telling a new story. The challenge: technically, there was nothing new to report – the trade audience and press already knew enough about the fascinating machine. But our client wanted to aim high and apply for the German Chancellor’s press tour.

The solution: We developed a technology story about the closer cooperation between machines and people in the factory of the future. To put this idea in the limelight in a tangible way, we cooperated with the German Table Tennis Association and had two junior national players compete against our robot.
The result: Chancellor Merkel was more than happy to drop by and watch the match – and gave the company a previously unknown boost in brand awareness.

(Our earned media reach was already at 16 billion views after five days).