New approach to IT security marketing

A New Approach To IT Security Marketing

Talking about hacker attacks and new threats is good form in the IT security industry. There is hardly a company that does not regularly market new security reports or publish the latest observations of its experts. This marketing strategy works for many companies – but there are limits to it if you want to punch above your weight class. For a U.S. company with Israeli roots, we took on the task of raising awareness of the brand ahead of an upcoming IPO – while supporting sales activities in Germany with innovative communications.

Our approach: to bring the brand’s agility and technological expertise to life in communications as well. Together with the Head of Security Strategy from the U.S., we formed an editorial team that monitored the latest developments in Germany, providing the basis for quick and to-the-point commentary and content pieces. At the same time, we selected unusual, curiosity-generating topics for the company’s larger content initiatives – like an underground report from a hacker forum or an attack on a Vatican website.

The strategy worked: Within 12 months, the brand went from being a nobody to an opinion leader in Germany. The head of sales used the regular new content as a door opener for his team. And the campaign won a European Excellence Award and a PR Report Award.