Escape the stress of Christmas with creativity

Escape the stress of Christmas with creativity

Case Study: Lifestyle

The task.

Ohuhu is a young brand in the creative environment that has set itself the goal of inspiring everyone to express themselves artistically. With a Hawaiian-inspired brand image and high-quality products, the company is well positioned to achieve this. 

However, brand awareness in Germany left a lot to be desired. So the Ohuhu team teamed up with EPOS to tell its story.


A convincing presence in the important Christmas business was crucial for Ohuhu. However, the decision for activities in the German market could only be made in October. Little lead time for such a crucial phase in the annual business.

EPOS developed a storytelling approach that emphasized the benefits of creativity in the areas of self-care and relaxation for the distinguished female target group. Through topic pitches, content offers and prize draws, we were able to open the doors for short-term, targeted publications.


Within just a few weeks, we achieved a high level of attention in media from the lifestyle, family and women's categories - and a total reach of 8.76 million views. 

The gift sets for the Christmas season increased sales in Germany by more than 100 percent. 

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