A greentech innovation for commercial real estate

A greentech innovation for commercial real estate

Case Study: Greentech

The task.

Photovoltaics is an efficient way to generate renewable energy. But not every commercial property is suitable for conventional solutions. Many buildings are not load-bearing enough or are not suitable for roof systems for other reasons. Classic façade systems deliver a lower yield. That's why Solar & Carbonstoren GmbH has developed a solution that opens up new areas to office and commercial buildings - and is working with EPOS to publicize this innovation.



SolarStoren are based on a patented manufacturing technology that allows sunshade slats to be made from carbon. These are particularly resistant and durable - and therefore an ideal carrier material for photovoltaics. 

To accompany this innovative product on its market entry, EPOS took over the complete marketing appearance for the company: Brand design, development and design of the website, product visualizations, strategy, trade fair presence and press relations. 

Logos Portfolio Solar Blinds

Brand Design

Brand design, strategy and the development of the website for SolarStoren and its sister brand CarbonStoren

Studio Lassen Immora sun protection technology

Product photography

Organization of a product shooting for high-quality visualization of the prototypes and products in Hamburg

Greentech innovation for commercial real estate

3D rendering

Design and rendering of product visualizations for the website and accompanying communication

intersolar b2b marketing

Trade fair communication

Preparation and support of press meetings for the worldwide announcement at the international trade fair Intersolar in Munich


The appearance in the environment of the international trade fair was a complete success. The product innovation received a lot of positive feedback and the company was able to establish important contacts in interesting markets. In the process, founder Andreas Rahn held numerous discussions with industry experts and trade journalists and attracted a lot of attention for the product.

Excerpt from the press coverage:

Wirtschaftswoche: "Five innovations that are conquering new areas for solar power plants".

Image: "1st blind that produces electricity".

Efahrer.com: "Ingenious idea: new solar system is also a blind".

Autocad Magazine: "Shading and climate-neutral power generation - this is how it comes together".

Solarserver.de: "Intersolar 2023: New shading system with integrated photovoltaic modules"

Bauen aktuell: "Building-integrated photovoltaic systems: How they combine shading and power generation"

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