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Making a difference

Making a difference

Our world is changing. The last few decades have shown that our current society will be judged in the future by how well we have dealt with the challenges of the climate crisis.

At EPOS, we believe in the power of communication. An idea is only as strong as the words and images you can put it into. At the same time, communication alone does not change the world.

Bringing about change is not an everyday task. Neither is communicating it. Are you looking for a communications partner for your sustainable energy or mobility project who understands your business and the pulse of society? 

We are experts in positive change - in business and in communication. EPOS is based on the vision of using our team's marketing and communications expertise for the right purpose. Maybe that purpose is your business? 

A dynamic world needs a new way of communicating

An agency for change

We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who have a great idea and a world-changing product - but who need partnership-based help in marketing and communicating their dream.

Wondering how you can publicize your groundbreaking idea?

Our experience

Our experience


Whether it's the launch of EVs, electrification in fleet management or the expansion of the e-mobility infrastructure - there are numerous challenges in the mobility of the future. We help you to communicate your solution and make it convincingly known.

Renewable energies

The energy sector is experiencing a transformative phase: the increasing importance of renewable energy sources, the integration of sustainable practices into existing systems and the need to develop and implement new, environmentally friendly technologies. These challenges are also the driving force for a sustainable future. We are here to support you on this journey by communicatively strengthening your innovative renewable energy solutions and effectively positioning them in the market.


In a world that is increasingly committed to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, recycling plays a key role. It's about far more than just reusing materials - it's about creating a circular ecosystem that minimizes waste and conserves resources. Our mission is to help you not only develop your recycling initiatives, but also to effectively integrate them into the market and highlight their importance.

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Why are we the perfect partner for your sustainable project?

The economy and the desire for a better world for all do not always go hand in hand. It is not uncommon for the two objectives to be in conflict. To bring the right marketing power to the streets in this area of conflict, you need a partner who believes in the need for change as much as you do. 

At EPOS, we offer more than just sustainability communication and marketing. We focus on sustainable communication for companies that want to make a difference - like us. 

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