Marketing agency for B2B and technology companies

Marketing agency for B2B and technology companies

We are a marketing agency for companies in the fields of technology, innovation and digitalization. Regionally, we are located in Düsseldorf, but we are active for clients all over Germany and worldwide.

The marketing agency partner for B2B and technology companies

The marketing agency partner for B2B and technology companies

Whoever you want to reach with your marketing - that person will most certainly suffer from information overload. We are now so inundated that our attention span is less than that of the proverbial goldfish. 

As a B2B marketing agency, we see our role as helping our clients and partners communicate more accurately and persuasively rather than more loudly.

Many B2B companies are overwhelmed by the complexity of the modern marketing world. Marketing automation, social media, sales & marketing alignment - the number of fronts being fought on in modern marketing is large. 

If you find yourself in this challenge, we can assure you: You are not alone in this. And you don't have to find your way out of this complexity alone either.

Our secret: proven methods, experience and empathy.

Strategic foundations

Success starts with a solid foundation. At EPOS, we help you define and understand the core of your brand and marketing. From individual consultations to marketing strategies to brand design, we set the foundation for your successful business.

Communicative implementation

Your message deserves to be heard. With our expertise in communications and press relations, we ensure that your voice echoes consistently, clearly and convincingly in the business world.

Digital presence

In the digital era, visibility and engagement are everything. EPOS maximizes your online presence through customized online marketing, targeted social media marketing and valuable content that engages and excites your target audience.


Success must be measurable. With EPOS, you don't rely on feelings, but on clear data. Our customized solutions for measuring success give you certainty and clarity about the ROI of your marketing measures and enable continuous optimization.

Strategic foundations

Brand Strategy & Design

Positioning & Messaging

Strategic marketing

Market Research & Insights

Communicative implementation

Corporate Communications

Public Relations

Social media communication

Content marketing

Digital presence

Online marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing


KPI development




Our industry focus

Our industry focus

IT & Software

Consumer Electronics

Energy & Mobility

Banking & Fintech

Industry & Logistics


Selected customer successes

Selected customer successes

We specialize in companies in the technology and B2B sectors. In today's dynamic business world, this spans many different industries - our experience is correspondingly diverse. 

Why we might be the perfect marketing agency partner for you?

In 20 years in international agencies, we have learned one thing - clients choose big agency brands because they trust the name and the brand and, like any other B2B decision maker, find it easier to represent the choice of an established player. But they don't always end up benefiting from the expected added value - because it's the basics that need to be done right, with strategic vision and experience.

At EPOS, we always ensure that you not only have access to the strategic expertise you need, but that we proactively bring it to the table. In doing so, we also want to continuously improve and are still learning something new with every project. This is how we bring in diverse perspectives and remain agile and curious.

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